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Welcome to Treasured Time for Homeschoolers. This page contains articles, tips, worksheets and resources for parents who are teaching their children at home or who are supplementing their children's traditional education. Many of these articles first appeared on Homeschool Teacher's Lounge, my first web page, on BellaOnline's Homeschooling column or in various print and online publications. Others are unique to this site and all are designed to supplement my book.

About Homeschooling: Take a Deep Breath--You Can Do This!

Important news: This book is about to be released in an updated second edition this spring. It has some new chapters, updated resources, and is aimed at today's homeschooling world. When the first edition came out, homeschooling was still a little unusual. There are some looks at less common homeschooling, such as dads and grandparents who homeschool, part-time homeschooling, and even car-schooling. I took out the humor no one got (it seems my inherited mountain humor didn't quite translate!)

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Don't you love the new picture on the cover? It's so...homeschool--hands-on and fun learning. The new cover has girls looking through a magnifying glass. The old one has a boy studying alone at a table while his mother watches.

Homeschooling--take a deep breath--you can do this! second edition

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My book is for those of us who aren't perfect, and who don't think we have what it takes to homeschool. While I don't advocate ending traditional education, and don't believe every child has to homeschool to have a good life, I do believe parents who want to teach their children at home can and should. For myself, if I were starting over, my children would never go to school!

My children were home preschooled, traditionally preschooled, homeschooled full-time, and afterschooled. They attended schools part-time every now and then. They unschooled and had structured schooling and eclectic schooling. We've tried it all and found out the method isn't as important as the family. For me, homeschooling is mostly just about building stronger families and a love of learning.

A second book on preschool and kindergarten at home, is due out this year. The title will be Home a Little Longer: Preschool and Kindergarten at Home.

Just homeschooling for a little while? You might find my new website on emergency homeschooling to be less overwhelming.

Emergency Homeschooling

Homeschooling: Take a Deep Breath--You Can Do This!The second edition is on it's way. Pre-order it now! Amazon Barnes and Noble


Learn more about Homeschooling:Take a Deep Breath--You Can Do This! and the author, Terrie Lynn Bittner. Read the reviews of the book on Amazon.