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Welcome to Treasured Time for Family Learning. Although this site started as a homeschooling website, it now features a broader theme. It will have sections for homeschooling, afterschooling (supplementing a traditionally-educated child's education), family learning, and independent learning for adults and teens. Homeschooling isn't just for kids and it isn't just for full-timers. It is something we can all participate in.

Start by looking at the top navigation bar to find the type of learning/teaching you're interested in. Clicking one of those will take you to a page that has sub-categories, such as history, science, FAQ, or how-to. Clicking those will get you to a list of the articles, worksheets, or lesson plans on those topics.

About Homeschooling: Take a Deep Breath--You Can Do This!

and Home a Little Longer: Preschool and Kindergarten at Home

My publisher closed his doors, leaving the book and the preschool at home book without a home. I am currently working on a plan for the future, so hang in there! Feel free to email me with your opinion about how I should proceed, based on the three suggestions that have been made so far (bottom of the about page for contact information):

1. Republish the two books, working to find a traditional publisher willing to reprint an updated and improved version.

2. Self-publish them in a new and improved format.

3. Break the books into subject areas, so they are more in-depth and better suited for homeschoolers with a little experience. (It has been pointed out to me that there are many beginner books, but few for experienced homeschoolers ready for the next step.) For instance, I might do an entire book just on do-it-yourself language arts--not a curriculum, but a book with lots of ideas for teaching the subject and guidelines on creating your own curriculum.

About the blog:

The blog features an imaginary homeschooling family headed by Jeff and Molly Bloomfield. They will eventually have their own cozy mystery series. In the meantime, peek in and find out how they homeschool, how they feel about it, and what their lives are like. (Since my children are now grown, I can't really give you daily examples of my own homeschooling life.) Please interact with them extrensively and pretend they are real so you don't embarrass them. It will help publishers become interested in taking on the book when the final draft of the initial mystery is complete.

Just homeschooling for a little while?

You might find my new website on emergency homeschooling to be less overwhelming.

Emergency Homeschooling


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