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Past Tense Regular Verbs Worksheet

To use: Copy and paste into a word processing document. Alter any questions you choose (for instance, if you don't approve of nail polish, change it to be coloring something else.) Print.

A verb is an action word. It tells us what someone does. These are some verbs you might use every day:

jump cook walk paint

Now, suppose you want to tell someone you did these things yesterday, last week, or last year--anytime in the past. The word has to change just a little bit.


Yesterday, I jumped.


Last year I cooked dinner every day.


Last week I walked to the zoo.


Last Tuesday, I painted my bedroom.

Look at the verbs in each sentence. How did they change? Each verb now has the letters "ed" at the end. This is the most common way to change a verb to past tense. This is how you change regular verbs. Some verbs are changed in a different way, but if you're not sure, this is a good guess for the first try.

Underline the verb and change to past tense:

1. I color my fingernails pink.

2. I watch for shooting stars every night.

3. I test my experiment.

4. I clean my room.

5. I frown at the dog.

6. I smile at the cat.

7. I talk to the animals.

8. I count the stars.

9. I wash the lions in the zoo on Mondays.

10. I look for four-leaf clovers in the yard.